Monday, November 30, 2009

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church Gainesville, FL Version 2.0

We were fortunate to again work with Organist/Choirmaster Dr. John Lowe and John Pritchard Organbuilder to clean the Visser-Rowland organ at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Gainesville, Florida.

After the restoration of the Christ window at the church, the organ was severely inundated with a fine layer of dirt. In our work all the pipes of the organ were thoroughly cleaned and checked for proper speech.

While the pipes were removed, service lights were installed in this twenty year old organ to allow for proper service and tuning. Prior to the installation of these lights, there were many pipes that were simply impossible to see, and therefore rarely tuned.

Through close consultation with Dr Lowe and Mr Pritchard, we set forth to redesign the various manual division mixtures. In this work, we silenced the highest pitched ranks in part or in total depending on the given mixture. We also completely revoiced the pedal 16' Prestant. After revoicing, what had been a very mild 16' open stop (equal in volume to the 16' Gedeckt), this stop now functions as a proper 16' Principal voice for the organ.

With this work, the organ now achieves a tonal balance it never had before. The manual mixtures still compliment each other, but no longer grate on the the ears of the musician or congregants. With the fuller and richer 16' Prestant, the previously ineffective 32' Subbass now actually tells under the full ensemble. The stronger, richer sounds of the 16' reinforce the harmonics of the 32'.

It is important to note, for those concerned with our alteration of an instrument by another builder, to date none of our work has been performed in a manner that could not be easily reversed if so desired.

The first Sunday the organ was used in this newest form, numerous parishioners mentioned the warmer, richer sound of the instrument. It was again a pleasure to work with these two fine musicians to continue to make this instrument more versatile and useful for their needs.